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Upload Pictures and Videos to Facebook directly from Nautilus - Nfuploader

Nfuploader is script is a small program which allows you to upload photos and videos to your facebook account with ease, right from your desktop. Originally a nautilus script, nfuploader can now be installed even without nautilus. It is a complete application now. Nfuploader is written in python.

Nfuploader features:
 * Post photos to wall
 * Added ability to set photo descriptions.
 * Upload to any existing album
 * Create an album
 * Delay an upload
 * Upload a video to Facebook

Nfuploader Installation:
Download the .deb file - here
Double-click on this .deb file to install Nfuploader under Ubuntu

If you download the deb, it will ask to add the repository for you to stay up-to-date with the latest stable version. If you don't want to add the repository, you can still manually update via the application itself.

Using Nfuploader:
Right-click all pictures (or the video) to upload to Facebook, click on Open with > Nautilus Facebook Uploader

Open "Nautilus Facebook Uploader" from Applications > Internet. You can choose your pictures on clicking the "Upload" button. (You will not be able to upload a video this way)
Follow on-screen instructions.


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