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Need Entry for Linux / Opensource Blogs

Hello LinuxPoison Readers,

Need your help ...

The all-time top post of linuxpoison is - List of best Linux blogs but there are lots of blogs in this list which are dead or non-functional, so I am thinking for building the new list of blogs dedicated to linux or/and open source ONLY.

I will put this list on the separate blog page for easy accessibility.

Please do send me your favouire blogs ONLY on Linux or Open source



APC said...

This is rather a new Linux blog. The posts are my experience with Linux in daily life. I try to write about common problem which I face in Linux and the solution which worked for me. From my previous blog I have learned that I am not the only one who faces such basic problems.
My previous blog (quite popular) is in general on computers. This is why I thought it is rather better to separate Linux topics. Hence right now I am working on my new Linux Blog:

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