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How to Convert .cue and .bin files into an .iso file

bchunk converts a CD image in a ".bin / .cue" format (sometimes ".raw / .cue") to a set of .iso and .cdr tracks. The bin/cue format is used by some non-Unix cd-writing software, but is not supported on most other cd-writing programs.

image.bin is the raw cd image file. image.cue is the track index file containing track types and offsets. basename is used for the beginning part of the created track files.

The produced .iso track contains an ISO file system, which can be mounted through a loop device on Linux systems, or written on a CD-R using cdrecord. The .cdr tracks are in the native CD audio format. They can be either written on a CD-R using cdrecord -audio, or converted to WAV (or any other sound format for that matter) using sox.

Installation on Ubuntu Intrepid: sudo apt-get install bchunk

To convert .cue and .bin files, navigate to the folder and run this command (replacing filenames with your own):
bchunk inputfilename.bin inputfilename.cue outputfilename.iso

After the file is converted into ISO you can mount it using: sudo mount -o loop outputfilename.iso /media/output
Navigate to /media/output and you should see all the content there. You can then copy it anywhere.
To unmount: sudo umount /media/output

Installation on OpenSuse: OpenSuse user can use "1-click" installer to install bchunk
OpenSuSe 11.1 - here
OpenSuSe 11.0 - here


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