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Create, Format, Resize/Move, Copy or Delete partitions - OpenSuse

The Disk Manager is a visual partitioning utility, written on top of GNU parted, that can create, format, resize/move, copy or delete partitions, with 13 known filesystems.

The application interface is in the style of QtParted or GParted, but, is very modular, and, as part of DARKSTAR's ALICE (Advanced Linux Installation and Configuration Environment), is used by the installer for partitioning objectives.

It is capable, of running from a console, even though it is written entirely in KDE/Qt.

It requires OpenSuSE's hwinfo, parted and HAL/DBus support, and is part of the DARKSTAR Linux Project.

Use "1 click" installer to install Disk Manager - here

After sucessfull installation, go to teminal and fire command: diskman


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