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Upgrade to KDE 4.2.1

March 4th, 2009. The KDE Community announced the immediate availability of "Cream", (a.k.a KDE 4.2.1), another bugfix and maintenance update for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop. Cream is a monthly update to KDE 4.2. It ships with desktop workspace and many cross-platform applications such as administration programs, network tools, educational applications, utilities, multimedia software, games, artwork, web development tools and more. KDE's award-winning tools and applications are available in more than 50 languages.


Fedora KDE 4.2.1 packages are available:

    * Fedora 10
    * Fedora 9

Kubuntu packages are included in the upcoming "Jaunty" (9.04) and also made available as updates for the stable 8.10 ("Intrepid"). More details can be found in the announcement on

Mandriva provide packages for 2009.0 i586 2009.0 x86_64
Please refer to README to more information and how to install debug packages to provide upstream developers proper information in case you desire help KDE improving. For Mandriva Cooker ( development ) users, 4.2.1 is fully available at cooker repositories.

openSUSE packages are available for openSUSE 11.1 (one-click install), for openSUSE 11.0 (one-click install) and for openSUSE 10.3 (one-click install). A KDE Four Live CD with these packages is also available.

KDE is a very large project and depends on people volunteering time, code, money, and energy to keep it going. If you are interested in supporting KDE in any way, please read the Supporting KDE page.

KDE is available for free and will always be available for free, including each and every line of its source code for everyone to modify and distribute. If you enjoy and use KDE please consider supporting the KDE Project financially. KDE is in constant need of funds in order to finance its operations.


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