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Subversion repositories configuration on OpenSuse

Userfriendly SVN is a PHP5 web interface which permit to administrate and to configure Subversion repositories.

It allows users to create and manage projects without command line SVN client. USVN manages your projects for you, and allows users to checkout source code only if they are allowed to. Dispatch administrators on different projects become easy and safe.

During the installation process, USVN shows you an apache configuration bloc. After merging it with your apache configuration file, you don't need further root access.

USVN enable an easy, fast and powerful repositories files access configuration. For example translators may only have translation files access.


OpenSuse 11.1 user can use "1-click" install to install USVN - here
After sucessfull installation go to >> http://localhost/usvn and you should see the first welcome screen

2) Click on "next" and on the 4th page you can configure the path of SVN repositories

 3) Click on "next" to configure the database section (MySQL)

4) After successful configuration of all the section you can now login to the USVN, go to administration section can add users, groups and projects, the interface is very simple to figure all these out.


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