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Debian Package Creator - DebianPackageMaker

DebianPackageMaker is a simple user interface/tool to make a debian package easier and straightforward to use and deploy your linux application to any debian based distro.

You can build debian packages using two modes:

Target Mode
Manually specify the installation directory and the files to be installed in the target installation directory.

Source Mode
          o Debian Package Maker will configure the source for you, compile them and then build a package using the target rules.
          o configure/autogen scripts and Makefile/rules is required for DPM to automate the whole process for you.

Provides user interface for package information that will be used as control file to create a debian based package.

It also provides a different tabs for adding package dependencies:

    * Dependencies
    * Pre-dependencies
    * Recommends
    * Suggests
    * Breaks
    * Conflicts
    * Replaces
    * Provides

Can add scripts like postins,changelogs etc Straight forward to use


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