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Install and Run Linux application on Windows, Mac OS

LINA takes Linux a giant step closer to universal usability with its ability to run pre-compiled Linux applications on any operating system. Once LINA is installed on your machine, you can download and run Linux applications and application packages either from LINAforge or the LINA store. These applications are as easy to install and run as any application on your normal operating system. Although these applications run on LINA, they are completely integrated with your own operating system, allowing you full access to output and configuration files.

LINA is a complete virtual Linux operating system that runs silently and invisibly on top of your own operating system. As soon as you install LINA, you will be able to run the thousands of applications written for the Open Source Linux operating system. Just like any Linux user, you will be able to download, compile and run free Open Source applications.

Download Lina : here


Anonymous said...

This just run a Linux apps. Not run a HUNDRED apps included in a distro. Bad Stupid idea

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