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Convert Gmail account into Web based file server

PhpGmailDrive (PGD) turns your Gmail account into a Web based file server. You may add more than one Gmail account, arrange attachments in multiple folders, and apply themes to the interface. It can be embedded into any HTML page.

PhpGmailDrive is a new type of file sharing utility. Unlike typical file servers (say xDrive) it uses Gmail as backend file server. You can enjoy it simply by hosting a small PHP script in your web site without any database.
Gmail file space is more than 2GB, so you can imagine you already have such a big space on internet. However, you will require a Gmail account (If you don't have any Gmail address, go GmailSwap or ask your friends.).

PGD automatically connects Gmail server and fetches list of all attached files and generate downloadable links in a tree like view. If you are looking for a file server to upload your music or notes without any hassle, PGD is ideal for you. Technically speaking PGD is wrapper of Gmailer .
Thought there is no need to know hecks of PHP or Gmailer. Just you have to check that your PHP hosting service provider has curl extension of PHP to handle HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

Here are some key features of "Php Gmail Drive":
* Successfully connects to Gmail and only grabs list of Attachments in Gmail messages.
* List of attachments are displayed with inbuilt Javascript engine. You can customize output to any other formats.
* 100% compliant to GMAILFS. So you can upload with Windows Gmail Shell extension or Linux GmailFS utilities..
* Supports Multiple Gmail accounts in the same script .
* Supports all browsers.
* Total size is less than 100 KB.

* GMailer should works well with PHP >= 4.
* Also it requires the curl extension.
* Because GMailer ALWAYS connects to GMail via SSL, you may need OpenSSL for curl to talk SSL.


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