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Free Gaming repository for Ubuntu - Playdeb

Originally known as Playbuntu (renamed for trademark reasons), Playdeb is a repository for Ubuntu (and it's derivatives) that will provide all games available on and more in a repository format - allowing you to receive updates for your favorite game via the Update Manager tool.

To install Playdeb, you can:

   1. Download and install updated apturl package.
   2. then,
          * install the playdeb package (if you'll get a dialog asking you for confirmation, press Y)
          * or add this line to System-Administration-Software Sources, Third-Party Software tab:

                deb mirror:// hardy/

      (three trailing slashes are intentional)

Once this is done. To install any game now only have to go to Add and Remove and set up ... "All available applications." Now we can install any application with two clicks.

See the available games section for those!


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