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Network Scanner - Abyss

Abyss is a diverse network tool designed for unix/linux with both active, and passive capabilities. It performs various types of portscans, with remote OS detection, and uses a multi-threaded model for fast simultaneous network

Abyss also has sniffing capabilities based on complex BPF filters that display packet information, decode the payload, and perform passive OS detection.

AbysS Compiles on Linux, and FreeBSD. It is POSIX compliant, and should work on other unix varients running on x86.

1. Download from here
2. Unpack the tar ball - tar zxvf abyss-0.9.15-pre-release.tgz
3. Compile - type make

The README-NOW file is very descriptive, and should give full instructions
on using AbysS

Scan all the live hosts on a 30 node LAN

./abyss -p -o iplist
./abyss -f iplist

Passive OS Detection, while also sniffing payload and packets from all tcp traffic

./abyss -O eth0 -b tcp -h -o logfile

Sniff ftp usernames, and passwords

./abyss -O eth0 -b tcp and dst port 21 -h -o logfile


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