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How To Increase SSH Connection timeout

Do you get annoyed when you have a SSH session open, visit your browser for a while, and then return only to find you were disconnected? So, to avoid this ...

Open /etc/ssh/ssh_config on your (client) computer. Add the following line:

ServerAliveInterval 180

Just remember this -- if you leave SSH open accidentally, anyone else can get on it. Remember to close your session when finished.


Anonymous said...

I am an 82 year old dummy that would like to find a way to get rid of the ubuntu 10.04 password timeout. I am not worried about security in my home. I do not use the terminal mode. Would someone show me a simple way to remove the password timeout.

Thank you in advance.

uno said...

Your posts are very inspiring for me, by reading your posts, I get lots of ideas to write new posts on the blog that I have. I hope your post worthwhile for others as well

Henrik said...

Thanks for your kind help and sharing of this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very very!!

Unknown said...

Thank you very match!

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