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Linux System Information Gathering Tool (LINUXexplo)

Linux Explorer ( LINUXexplo ) is a script that collects information about a linux server for support purposes, similar to the Solaris explorer ( SUNWexplo ) , Redhat's "sysreport" and SuSE's "siga" script.

The script is designed to help collect as much information as possible to help support linux and have a common set of scripts for collecting information about linux no matter what distro users are using.

The information is stored in seperated directories, once all the information has been collected it then tar's up those directories into a single gzip tar file which can then be attached to an email for your support organization or copied to a remote server for safe keeping.

Download the script: here


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! A very good util script..I use to the work (modified) :)

Good life!

Anonymous said...

I can run this script (Radhat)

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