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Kernel oops count

If you want to know what is kernel oops:
An oops is a deviation from correct behavior of the Linux kernel which produces a certain error log. The better-known kernel panic condition results from many oops, but others may allow continued operation with compromised reliability.

When the kernel detects a problem, it prints an oops message and kills any offending process. The message is used by Linux kernel engineers to debug the condition which created the oops and fix the programming error which caused it.

Once a system has experienced an oops, some internal resources may no longer be in service. Even if the system appears to work correctly, undesirable side effects may have resulted from the active task being killed. A kernel oops often leads on to a kernel panic once the system attempts to use resources which have been lost.

There is an website which counts this oops : is a website that tries to help the developers of the Linux kernel by collecting so-called oopses, which are the crash signatures of the Linux kernel. The collected oopses are processed statistically to present information for the kernel developers, such as

* Which crash signatures occur the most? (and thus need to be fixed most urgently)
* When did a certain crash signature show up first?
* Which API functions are the most error prone?

Fedora 9 have a process to send this oops to this site.


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