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gnormalize - audio converter, encoder, ripper, meta data (tag) editor and audio cd player

gnormalize is a front-end to wavegain, an audio converter, encoder, ripper, meta data (tag) editor and audio cd player.

Supported formats: MP3, MP4 (or M4A or ACC), MPC (or MPP or MP+), OGG, APE and FLAC. gnormalize decodes the MP3, MP4, MPC (or MPP - MusePack), APE (Monkey's Audio), FLAC and Vorbis OGG files to wave, then normalizes the wave to a targeted volume level and re-encodes it. gnormalize can also rip audio cd; encode audio data; convert audio format between MP3, MP4, MPC, APE, FLAC and OGG; and change the encoding and ID3 tag properties of final normalized files.

Key Features:

* Convert from/to MP3, MP4, MPC, APE, OGG, FLAC and Wave;
* Support for LAME, FAAC, OGGENC, MPPENC, FLAC and MAC encoders;
* Support for LAME, FAAD, OGGDEC, MPPDEC, FLAC and MAC decoders;
* Rip audio CDs utilizing cdparanoia or cdda2wav;
* Play audio CDs utilizing cdcd or Audio::CD or gnormalize::cdplay;
* Edit and get Meta data like artist, title, album, ... ;
* Support normalization with adjustable sensibility;
* Can normalize/convert files recursively into the directory;
* Normalize with ReplayGain algorithms;
* Includes wavegain to normalize wave files;
* Read the CDDB entry for an audio CD with CDDB_get;
* Translation to English and Portuguese (Brasil).

Download : Here


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