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Security Check for Application Binary - BFBTester

BFBTester is great for doing quick, proactive, security checks of binary programs. BFBTester will perform checks of single and multiple argument command line overflows as well as environment variable overflows.

BFBTester can also watch for tempfile creation activity to alert the user of any programs using unsafe tempfile names. While BFBTester can not test all overflows in software, it is useful for detecting initial mistakes that can red flag dangerous software.

BFBTester Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command to install BFBTester:
sudo apt-get install bfbtester
Using  BFBTester:
BFBTester is a command line application, so open the terminal and type following command to perform the security check for application 'pico'
bfbtester -a /usr/bin/pico

You must specify one or more of the following tests:
 -s     Single Argument Test.
 -m     Multiple Argument Test.
 -e     Environment Variable Test.
 -a     Selects all tests

Other BFBTester Examples:
bfbtester -s /usr/bin
Run the single argument test on all binaries in folder /usr/bin.

bfbtester -ta patch traceroute
Run all tests against patch and traceroute and run the  tempfile monitor.


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