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E-Mail, RSS Feed and Tweets Notification Application - CloudSN

Cloudsn is a gnome application that check for new mails, tweets, feeds etc. It is developed for Gnome and tested in debian and ubuntu. Cloudsn try to implement the MVC pattern and it separates the providers, configuration, indicators and notifications

The providers check accounts against different services. Currently cloudsn has these providers implemented:
 * GMail
 * GReader
 * Pop3
 * Twitter

The indicators are a list of accounts and its unread items indicating the state of every one. Currently you can choose between use one of these:
 * Status Icon: Show the cloudsn icon and a list of active accounts with the information
 * Indicator-applet: Uses the indicator applet to list the accounts with the information

CloudSN Installation:
Open the Terminal and run these commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chuchiperriman/cloudsn
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cloudsn
After successful installed, you will find "Cloud Services Notifications" under "Applications > Internet" in classic Gnome, or by typing "cloudsn" into the Unity Dash.

Click on "New" to add the E-mail or Twiter or RSS account details to start receiving the notification.


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