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How to use apt-cache under Ubuntu Linux

apt-cache performs a variety of operations on APT's package cache.  apt-cache does not manipulate the state of the system but does provide operations to search and generate interesting output from the package meta data.

showpkg displays information about the packages listed on the command line
apt-cache showpkg firefox
Stats displays some statistics about the cache
apt-cache stats
Dump shows a short listing of every package in the cache. It is primarily for debugging.
apt-cache dump firefox

Dumpavail prints out an available list to stdout

apt-cache dumpavail firefox
Unmet displays a summary of all unmet dependencies in the package cache.
apt-cache unmet firefox
Search the package list for a regex pattern
apt-cache search firefox
Show a readable record for the package
apt-cache show firefox
Depends shows a listing of each dependency a package has and all the possible other packages that can fulfill that dependency
apt-cache depends firefox
This command prints the name of each package APT knows.
apt-cache pkgnames 
Dotty takes a list of packages on the command line and generates output suitable for use by dotty from the GraphViz package.
apt-cache dotty firefox

Here 'firefox' is the package name used.


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