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Network Scanner (Discovering and Managing Application) - AutoScan-Network

AutoScan-Network is a network scanner (discovering and managing application). No configuration is required to scan your network. The main goal is to print the list of connected equipments in your network.

 AutoScan-Network Features:
 • Automatic network discovery
 • TCP/IP scanner
 • Wake on LAN functionality
 • Multi-threaded Scanner
 • Port scanner
 • Low surcharge on the network
 • VNC Client
 • Telnet Client
 • SNMP scanner
 • Simultaneous sub-networks scans without human intervention
 • Real-time detection of any connected equipment
 • Supervision of any equipment (router, server, firewall...)
 • Supervision of any network service (smtp, http, pop, ...)
 • Automatic detection of known operatic system (brand and version), you can also add any unknown equipment to the database
• The graphical interface can connect one or more scanner agents (local or remote)
 • Scanner agents could be deployed all over the network to scan through any type of equipment (router, NAT, etc)
 • Network Intruders detection (in intruders detection mode, all new equipments blacklisted)
 • Complete network tree can be saved in a XML file.
 • Privileged account is not required

AutoScan-Network Installation:
Once you've downloaded the package, decompress the 'tar.gz' file using command:
tar -zxvf AutoScan-Network-Linux-1.50.bin.tar.gz
and double-click on the binary file "AutoScan-Network-Linux-1.xx.bin" The installation starts...
(If you get troubles during the installation, start a shell with root access privileges and re-execute the binary file)

To un-install AutoScan-Network start a shell with root access privileges, and type '/opt/AutoScan/uninstall'

Using AutoScan-Network:
On the first Wizard page, you can create a new network or restore a saved network.
Creation of a new network:
- Select the "New" radio button
- Enter the network name on the name edit field (Be sure to you have different names for all your supervised network)
- Choose a graphical icon for your network
- In the "Private subnet" field you can see private network which will be scanned by Autoscan (Just leave the default settings)
- Choose the SNMP community name in the field (or leave the default community)
- The "Dynamic IP" check-box tells the agent to take care of dynamic IP changes (keep the box checked)

Autoscan is permanently scanning the network, looking for new equipments. When a new device is plugged over the network, Autoscan identify the device and the model (Some compatible devices: Notepad, Desktop, Servers, Switch, Router, Video games, Phone over IP, surveillance cam, Fax...)

The device identification is based on a packet recognization, each type of device has its own signatures like a "fingerprint" stored in the AutoScan database. The database already contains more than 500 different signatures for most of systems. Unknown devices are printed in a separate Unknown list. You can add your own signatures to the database, just click on the unknown device and follow the instructions of the unknown device Wizard


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