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Penetration Testing Tool box - PenTBox

PenTBox is a Security Suite that packs security and stability testing oriented tools for networks and systems.
Programmed in Ruby and oriented to GNU/Linux systems, but compatible with Windows, MacOS and every systems where Ruby works. It is free, licensed under GNU/GPLv3.


Below are the list of tools PenTBox contains:
Cryptography tools
  Base64 Encoder & Decoder
  Multi-Digest (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
  Hash Password Cracker (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
  Secure Password Generator
  Files en/decryptor Rijndael (AES) 256 bits – GOST – ARC4

Network tools
  TCP Flood DoSer
  TCP Flood AutoDoSer
  Spoofed SYN Flood DoSer [nmap - hping3]
  Port scanner
  PenTBox Secure Instant Messaging

  L33t Sp3@k Converter

You can download PenTBox v1.3.2 here:
Windows version (Ruby included) –
Linux version – pentbox_1.3.2.tar

Using PenTBox on Linux:
Untar the package using command: tar -xvf pentbox_1.3.2.tar
Go inside the extracted directory using command:  cd pentbox_1.3.2
Type following command to start the PenTBox suite: ruby pentbox.rb


Wireless penetration testing said...

Penetration Testing Tool Box is very useful, but it should be use only for legal reason. Thanks for the post.

Unknown said...

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Alen Gray said...

Thank you,

The information provided through this is really worthwhile as far as the security is concerned. It helps to improve knowledge about Online Penetration Testing.

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