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Check for security configuration issue on software - YASAT

YASAT (Yet Another Stupid Audit Tool) is a simple stupid audit tool.
YASAT goal is to be as simple as possible with minimum binary dependencies (only sed, grep and cut)
Second goal is to document each test with maximum information and links to official documentation.

YASAT does many tests for checking security configuration issue or others good practice.
Don't forget that YASAT is not the only audit tool, You can also use tiger, lynis, sectool, nessus, openvas, Debian's checksecurity, etc... for checking your systems

Installation and Configuration:
Dependencies: sed, cut, grep. YASAT will use also openssl for some tests.
Latest version can be found at
Simply untar the yasat tarball: tar xvzf yasat1.tar.gz
Change directory to yasat directory: cd yasat
and type ./ -s to start system configuration check using YASAT


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