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Large Text File (logs) viewer - Rowscope

Rowscope is a file viewer for large text files. It can read files larger than 1 GB. It is very fast (a few seconds to examine a 1GB file) and it never blocks.

The idea back Rowscope is that a person cannot read the whole file when it is so large; a person can only read some parts of the file, possibly the ones that contain the information he is looking for.
For example when somebody reads the log file produced by an application, he will probably look for a specific error or for the lines produced in a specific period of the day.

With Rowscope the user:
Localizes the part or parts of the file that he wants to read, using search strings or regular expressions.
Then he can expand one of the rows he has found, which means that he makes Rowscope display the rows immediately before or after that row.

The main features of Rowscope are the following:
  * It never blocks the GUI. The user is able to write text and click buttons when Rowscope is loading a file.
  * It does not monopolize the CPU. There are moments in which Rowscope uses some CPU, but it never blocks the other applications.
  * It does not use a large amount of memory. It uses some MBytes of memory, but it never becomes a problem for the operating system or the other applications.
  * It is always able to stop. It is always possible to stop or close Rowscope, also when it is loading/analyzing a file.

you need to have java installed in-order to use Rowcopy

java -jar rowscope_1_0_linux_gtk_32.jar

Above command will install the Rowscope into your home directory


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