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Install Group of Sofware on Ubuntu using Tasksel

Tasksel is an installation system that is an integral part of the Debian installer (it is also included in Ubuntu). Tasksel groups software packages by tasks and offers an easy way to install all the packages needed for that task. It provides the same functionality as using conventional meta-packages.

Tasksel is present on all versions of Ubuntu's installer

To run tasksel from the command line, type: sudo tasksel
the tasksel menu will be shown:
Already-installed tasks will have an asterisk beside their name. Select a task by scrolling down and pressing space. This will put an asterisk beside the selected task and mark it for installation. Removing an asterisk marks the task for removal. Once "ok" is selected the task installations and/or removals will take place using apt-get.

Command line arguments
You can also directly specify which task to install.
For instance, to add the Apache-MySQL-PHP stack to an existing system:
sudo tasksel install lamp-server
For complete options, see the tasksel manpage: man tasksel


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