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Real-time Squid proxy server log on Web Browser - SqStat

The squid is an internet proxy server that can be used within a network to distribute an internet connection to all the computers within the network. One central computer is connected to the internet through any means such as dial-up, cable modem, ISDN, DSL, or T1, runs squid, and thus acts as the firewall to the internet. Because it is a proxy, it has the capabilities to log all user actions such as the URLs visited. There are many features that can be configured in squid.

Many times it's required to keep an eye on squid log to see who is accessing what for this there is a script (SqStat) which allows to look through active squid users connections using web browser. It use cachemgr protocol to get information from squid proxy server.

Installation and configuration of SqStat:
 * Download the package - here
 * Unpack the SqStat package in your webserver's document root - /srv/www/htdocs (OpenSuSe)
 * Copy file to, edit to specify your squid proxy server IP and port.
 * Edit your squid.conf to allow cachemgr protocol, sample shown below ...
acl manager proto cache_object
# replace with your webserver IP
acl webserver src
http_access allow manager webserver
http_access deny manager
Point your browser to sqstat.php file and this is what you should see ...


Anonymous said...

This service is that it makes for the transfer and retrieval of commonly accessed files much more quickly. Think of the Internet browser that you are using.

proxy tool

James Hershaw said...

This is exactly what i needed for my business. Thank you very much.

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