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Multimedia (MP3, MPEG-4, AVI, DiVX, etc.) support in Fedora 13

Why doesn’t Fedora support MP3 ‘out of the box’?

Fedora cannot include support for MP3 or DVD video playback or recording. MP3 formats are patented, and the patent holders have not provided the necessary licenses. Fedora also excludes other multimedia software due to patent, copyright, or license restrictions, such as Adobe Flash Player and RealNetworks RealPlayer.

That doesn’t mean you can’t play .mp3 files in Fedora, it just takes a bit of work (not much).

Follow these instructions to get mp3 and other multimedia support on your Fedora 13.
Open a terminal and become root, then run this command:

# rpm -ivh
# rpm -ivh

Now, Install all other plug ins..

# yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly xine-lib-extras-nonfree gstreamer-ffmpeg

After successful installation, open Amarok or any other multimedia player and try to play the mp3 file and see if all goes fine and you are able to hear the music.

To install xmms and make it MP3-capable, start by doing this:

# yum install xmms xmms-mp3

MPEG, QuickTime, AVI, and DVDs
MPEG (the format used on DVDs) represents itself as an open standard, but most Linux distributions won't ship software that read it because of blocking patents held by MPEGLA. AVI and Apple QuickTime have proprietary codecs covered by patents, so most Linux distributions won't ship software that decodes them, either.

Unfortunately, the alternate front end xine is even more broken. It can be installed this way:

# yum install xine xine-lib libdvdcss

Doing this will also install a number of support libraries, including the libdvdcss plugin

VLC Player:
# rpm -ivh
# yum -y install vlc


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John Cartwright said...

Very useful indeed, I am installing using your tutorial right now.

Thanks for the posting.

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In Fedora 14 works great.

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It is working!!
You are ELAKIRI man !!!!!

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in Fedora 16 works perfect!!!!10000 thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shivani said...

# rpm -ivh
curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; No such process
error: skipping - transfer failed
it didn't work.. it still doesn't play audio nor video.. and i have been tring to install other packges too.. there also some error comes up.. pls help me out

DevOps said...

looks like you are not able to access the site:

Are you able to access using your browser?

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