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Convert Linux man pages to PDF files

Anyone who are working on Linux / UNIX are aware of man pages, man - an interface to the on-line reference manuals.

man is the system's manual pager. Each page argument given to man is normally the name of a program,  utility  or  function. The manual page associated with each of these arguments is then found and displayed and these man pages are stored in some special format.

Now, suppose you need to convert these man pages to PDF files which are more readable and easy to print
Below simple command will convert any man pages to PDF file
man -t sendmail | ps2pdf - sendmail.pdf
Output of above command will be pdf file with name sendmail.pdf.


Tony Franks said...

Thanks for the post it helped me out.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your help-full post!

Xan said...

Oh Jeez, so simple yet hard to fine... Thanks!

shbk said...

man -t sendmail | ps2pdf - sendmail.pdf
No manual entry for sendmail

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