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Open Office 4 Kids - OOo4Kids for kids or better say OOo4kids is a project that aims to provide a simplified version of for kids between 7-12 years.

Ooo4Kids is based on source code. Everything is made with the idea to contribute back to Project, through Education Project, and students projects, but not only (all sort of contributions are welcome, of course). Resources are managed by the EducOOo non profit association.

The main difference between Open Office and Open Office 4 Kids are the missing features in Open Office 4 Kid. A benefit of this is the performance gain when working with Open Office 4 Kids compared to a default Open Office installation. The interface is different as well. Open Office 4 Kids makes use of less buttons in the interface and divides them into a header tool-bar and sidebar.Additional changes are planed by developers in future releases

OOo4kids is available for Linux ,Mac and Windows.The latest version of OOo4kids can be downloaded from this link : Here

Here is the video showing OOo4Kids Installation:


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