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Installing Software from Ubuntu Software Center (Karmic Koala)

The Ubuntu Software Center is a virtual catalog of thousands of free   applications available for Ubuntu — software to make your computer more useful.  You can find applications by category or by searching, and you can install an application with the click of a button.
The Software Center also lets you examine the applications installed on the    computer already,and remove those you no longer need.

To install a program from the Software Center, you need administrator access and a working Internet connection. start the application from Application ⟶ Ubuntu Software Center

In the Get Free Software section, find the program you want to install. If you already know its name, try typing the name in the search field. Or try searching for the type of program you want (like “spreadsheet”). Otherwise, browse the Software Center departments to find the program.
  * Click the program in the list, and click the arrow button to go to the screen for the program.
  * Click the Install button. You may need to enter your Ubuntu password before the installation can begin.

  * How long a program takes to install depends on how large it is, and the speed of your computer and Internet connection.

While a program is being installed, it appears in the Software Center’s In Progress section. As soon as it disappears, the program is installed.


vinoth said...

I not found any installl button

Anonymous said...

Where is the button?

Anonymous said...

ih,.. i think, we must update ubuntu first
# sudo apt-get update

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