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How to Convert smbpasswd to tdbsam on Samba

The latest release of Samba offers many new features including new password database backends not previously available. Samba version 3.0.0 fully supports all databases used in previous versions of Samba. However, although supported, many backends may not be suitable for production use.

The tdbsam backend provides an ideal database back-end for local servers, servers that do not need built-in database replication, and servers that do not require the scalability or complexity of LDAP. The tdbsam back-end includes all of the smbpasswd database information as well as the previously-excluded SAM information. The inclusion of the extended SAM data allows Samba to implement the same account and system access controls as seen with Windows NT/2000/2003-based systems.

The tdbsam backend is recommended for 250 users at most. Larger organizations should require Active Directory or LDAP integration due to scalability and possible network infrastructure concerns.

Convert smbpasswd to tdbsam: enter as root on the command line:
      pdbedit -i smbpasswd:/etc/samba/smbpasswd -e tdbsam:/etc/samba/passdb.tdb
      And ensure the global section of smb.conf has such an entry:
      passdb backend = tdbsam


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