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Linux Standard Directory Structure

Root directory—the starting point of the directory tree.
Essential binary files, such as commands that are needed by both the system administrator and normal users. Usually also contains the shells, such as Bash.
Static files of the boot loader.
Files needed to access host-specific devices.
Host-specific system configuration files.
Holds the home directories of all users who have accounts on the system. However, root's home directory is not located in /home but in /root.
Essential shared libraries and kernel modules.
Mount points for removable media.
Mount point for temporarily mounting a file system.
Add-on application software packages.
Home directory for the superuser root.
Essential system binaries and commands that are needed by system administrator.
Temporary files.
Secondary hierarchy with read-only data.
Variable data such as log files.
Only available if you have both Microsoft Windows* and Linux installed on your system. Contains the Windows data.


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