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HowTo Get ClearType like Smooth Fonts in Ubuntu Linux

Turning on ClearType mode if you’re using an LCD monitor helps a lot in improving readability. Ubuntu, by default, doesn’t have ClearType turned on. However, you could achieve really nice font smoothing by just choosing an option in the settings.

In order to turn text smoothing on in Ubuntu, do the following:

    * Go to System > Preferences > Appearance
    * Go to the Fonts tab
    * Under rendering, select Subpixel Smoothing (LCDs)

  * Click close


Cyr4x said...

Set 8pt tahoma in Windows XP and Linux. Use clear type in Windows XP and this method in Linux. Look at the font in Windows, then look at the font in Linux, then look at the font in Windows again. Yes. The font in Windows looks like in Linux never will be. I'm riding on a horse :D

benefactor said...

ClearType patches from infinality were integrated into the latest freetype. They are not turned on by default (also, Ubuntu 12.10 doesn't have them yet). After compiling freetype with ClearType hinting turned on, there is very little difference.

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