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Goggles Music Manager (GMM) - Jukebox & Complete Multimedia Player for OpenSUSE

Goggles Music Manager (GMM) is a free open source (licensed under GPLv3) music collection manager and player that automatically categorizes MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and Musepack files based on genre, artist, album, and song. There is no need to create playlists of any kind. Just select one or more artists and albums to start playing your music.

It supports gapless playback and features easy tag editing.  Googgles Music Manager is fast light-weight and starts up very quickly and there is no delay with splash screens.

Goggles Music Manager is written using OX, one of the fastest GUI toolkits available with the support for FOX-1.6.x and the latest development version FOX-1.7.x and the light-weight fast SQLite3 DB backend.

Features include,
    * Fast and light weight. Quick startup, no splash screen needed!
    * Supports Ogg Vorbis , FLAC, MP3 , MP4 , ASF and Musepack music files.
    * Support for AlbumArt embedded in tag or as separate file on disk.
    * Tag editing and file renaming capability (batch). One or more tracks may be edited at the same time.
    * Smart sorting with user configurable leading word filter to prevent sorting on common words like the, a or an.
    * Support for play lists. Play lists may be played in a certain configurable order, or browsed through like the main music library.
    * Export music library and play lists to XSPF,PLS,Extended M3U,M3U and CSV.
    * Clipboard & DND (drag-and-drop) support to arrange playlists and dragging to and from gnome / kde applications.
    * Uses xine multimedia library for gapless playback.
    * Written using FOX, one of the fastest GUI toolkits available. Support for FOX-1.6.x and the latest development version FOX-1.7.x.
    * Customizable icons. Either use buildin icons or use an existing gnome/kde icon theme.
    * Configurable user interface from minimalistic to detailed view. Full screen mode available with FOX-1.7.11.
    * Clean and fast database backend using SQLite 3.
    * Last-FM audio scrobbler support.
    * Replay Gain support (Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and mp3 with APE tags).
    * Equalizer

Installation - Goggles Music Manager:
OpenSUSE packages are provided by the PackMan project.
After successful installation you can find  Goggles Music Manager
Application → Multimedia → Jukebox Goggles Music Manager
The first time you start Goggles Music Manager, it will come up with a empty song database. In order to enjoy your music collection you first need to fill up the song database.

To add songs to the database, open up the Music menu and select "Import Folders". It will pop a dialog asking you to select from which directory you like to add songs from.

Once you press "Ok", Goggles Music Manager will add all Ogg Vorbis files located in the chosen directories and its subdirectories. Note this may take a while when you a have huge collection of songs. You only need to do this once. If you want to add new songs to the database use the "import" command in the Music menu.

If everything was successful, the database should have been filled up. Select any genre, then artist, and finally select the album and double click on the song you want to listen to.


outsourced computer support - said...

google music manger . wow .. this is really goint to be fun , hy thanks for the digging

DevOps said...

No, this is not from "Google" but "Goggles Music Manager"

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