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Command line Audio CD Ripper for OpenSuSe Linux - RipIT

RipIT is a  Perl  script which makes it a lot easier to create "mp3" files from an audio CD. RipIT supports Flac, Lame, Oggenc and Faac. Artist and song titles are retrieved with the  and it is possible to submit and edit CDDB entries at Hidden tracks and ghost songs are detected and splitted into chunks of sound, a toc (cue) file permits to burn the wavs with text and no gaps in DAO mode. Several encoder formats and qualities can be used at the same time and encoded into different directories.

RipIT will do the following without user intervention:
    * getting the audio CD Album/Artist/Tracks information from CDDB
    * ripping the audio CD Tracks
    * encoding to Flac, mp3 or Ogg
    * id3 tags encoded songs
    * creating an playlist (m3u) file
    * optionally generating a toc (cue) sheet for nice DAO burning
    * optionally preparing and send a CDDB submission and save it locally
    * optionally extracting hidden songs and split ghost songs
    * optionally creating md5sum files for all tracks
    * running several encoder processes at the same time and same run

Download RipIT rpm file (from here) and install it using command:
# rpm -ivh ripit-3.7.0-3.noarch.rpm 
or to update an existing old package, type:
# rpm -Uvh ripit-3.7.0-3.noarch.rpm
To specify a CD device, type: ripit --device /dev/sr1
To specify the output directory, type ripit --outputdir /foo/paths/
To rip'n'code a special track selection, type ripit 1,3-6,8-11
To use several encoders in the same run, type ripit --coder 1,0,2 --quality 3,5,6

There are many more useful options that you can pass to ripit, look at the man pages for more detail.


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