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Backup & Restore MySQL Databases - MySQLDumper

MySQLDumper is a backup & restore management script for MySQL Databases, written in PHP and Perl, which fills this gap and offers a complete control over the databases.

MySQLDumper uses a proprietary technique to avoid execution interruption. It only reads and saves a certain amount of commands and then calls itself via JavaScript and memorizes how far in the process it was and resumes its action from its last standby.

MySQLDumper offers to write data directly into a compressed gz-File. The Restore-Script is able to read this file directly without unpacking it. Of course you can use it without compression, however using Gzip saves a sizable amount of bandwidth.

Installation & Configuration
  * Download MySQLDumper - Here
  * Extract the zip file under your webserver root directory: unzip, this command will create a new directory msd1.24
  *  Lunch your browser and point to the msd1.24 directory, this will open up the installation wizard which is very simple and straight forward.
  * After successful installation point your browser to "index.php" to open up the main application from where you can take & restore backup

MySQLDumper can read Dumpfiles from other Scripts via the integrated parser (for example from phpMyAdmin)
- Security: MySQLDumper can generate a .htaccess-file to protect itself and all of your backup-files
- MySQLDumper can do Multipart-Backups. That means: MySQLDumper can automatically split the dumpfile if it gets bigger than your chosen size. When you want to restore a backup and choose the wrong part - it doesn' matter: MySQLDumper will notice that and will get the correct startfile automatically.
- automatic Errormodul
- MiniSql: You have access to your MySQL-Tables. You can delete tables, edit or insert data. You can run/ save any SQL-Statement.
- Database-Overview: look at running processes or even stop them
- very good file-overview: backups of the same database are shown as one entry. Click it to see all of the files.
- automatic file-deletion: set your own rules to delete old backups. Specify the age or the number of files when it will be deletetd automatically to save server webspace.
- Perl Cronscript done: all features of the PHP-Script are now integrated in the Perlscript that can be started via a Cronjob
- Configuration can be set seperatly for each Script (PHP and Perl)
- befor you start a backup all your parameters are shown again, so you definitely know what you are doing :-)
- Send Emails with or without your dumpfile attached / you can set the maximum size of the attachement. If it grows bigger it won't be attached.
- Send dumpfiles via FTP to another Server. This is also working using the multipart feature.


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