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Visual Browser for Wikipedia - Indywiki

No matter what you think about the quality and nature of Wikipedia articles, there is no denying that the encyclopedia provides an immense knowledge repository full of exciting facts and information.

And while you can quickly find an article about a particular topic using Wikipedia’s search capabilities, there are other ways to explore Wikipedia that break away from the traditional search box approach.

Indywiki is a good example of a tool that tries to rethink the way we search and browse information in Wikipedia. Indywiki does have a search box, but that’s were the similarity with traditional search tools ends. Once you’ve found the article you’re looking for, you can continue to browse the related topics visually. To make this possible, Indywiki processes the current and related articles and extracts images from them. When you click on an image, Indywiki displays the article that the picture links to.

Installing indywiki:
Indywiki is written in Python, and it depends on the python-qt4 package, which most Linux distros have in their repositories. Install python-qt4 using your Linux distro's package manager,
download the latest version of Indywiki, unpack the downloaded archive, and you're ready to go. To launch Indywiki, switch to its directory ($cd src/indywiki ) and run the $python command or to install the program, run as root: #python install


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