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Userspace Bandwidth Shaper (Management) - trickle

As with any finite resource, it is often necessary to apply policies to the shared usage of network resources.

Existing solutions typically implement this by employing traffic management in edge routers. However, users of smaller networks regularly find themselves in need of nothing more than ad-hoc rate rate limiting. Furthermore,the networks in question are typically unmanaged, with no network administrator(s) to manage complicated traffic management schemes.

Trickle fills this gap by providing a simple and portable solution to rate limit the TCP connections of a given process or group of processes.

Trickle works by taking advantage of the Unix dynamic loader's preloading functionality to interposition itself in front of the libc API interfaces that are used for sending and receiving data through network sockets.

Trickle then performs traffic shaping by delaying and truncating socket I/Os. Trickle runs entirely in user space, does not require administrator privileges and is portable across a wide variety of Unix-like platforms. Instances of Trickle can cooperate, even across networks. This allows for the speci cation of global rate limiting policies.

OpenSuSe 11.0 - Here
Fedora: yum install trickle

Example trickle:
trickle -u 10 -d 20 konqueror
Launch konqueror limiting its upload (-u) capacity to 10 KB/s, and download (-d) capacity at 20 KB/s.

Example trickled:
trickled -u 10 -d 20
Limit aggregate trickle upload bandwidth consumption to 10 KB/s and download consumption to 20 KB/s.

trickled is a userspace bandwidth manager daemon.
trickled manages several trickle sessions at a time, shaping across multiple sessions.


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