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Twitter & Indenti Client for KDE

choqoK is a quick and efficient micro-blogging client for the K Desktop Environment. It currently supports the and services. The name comes from an ancient Persian word that means sparrow.

    * Supporting micro-blogging service.
    * Supporting micro-blogging service. (Using its Twitter compatible API)
    * Supporting self hosted Laconica websites. (Using its Twitter compatible API)
    * Supporting User + His/Her Friends time-lines.
    * Supporting @Reply time-lines.
    * Support for send and receive direct messages.
    * integration.
    * Supporting Multiple Accounts simultaneously.
    * Supporting search APIs for all services.
    * KWallet integration.
    * Ability to make a quick tweet with global shortcuts. (Ctrl+Meta+T)
    * Ability to notify user about new statuses text, with KNotification or Libnotify.
    * Support for shortening urls with more than 30 characters.(shorten on paste)
    * Support for configuring status lists appearance.
    * and other configuration options...

 Kubuntu | Also available in official repositories
 Archlinux | Also available in community repository


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