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Search Google Using UNIX Command Line Shell - Goosh

"Stefan Grothkopp has come up with a pretty neat tool called goosh. It's essentially a browser-oriented, shell-like interface that allows you to quickly search Google (and images and news) and Wikipedia and get information in a text-only format.

The interface looks quite similar to a Unix Shell and can be easily adapted by anyone who is bored using the normal web browser way of searching.

All you get is a blank screen and a prompt to enter commands. This command prompt behaves as both search box and control button. For example, if you have entered linux and pressed enter, you will be having Google search results for linux. To search, linux in Wikipedia, you will have to enter wiki linux in command prompt. Type h or help to get list of other available commands, like images to search for images only or lucky which acts like I’m feeling lucky button.


Anonymous said...

You can search wikipedia with digg and host commands this way:

$ host -t txt

I'm writing about it on my blog:

Anonymous said...

good one mate....
Keep it up .

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