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Getting System Information (OpenSuSe) - phpSysInfo

phpSysInfo is a PHP script that displays information about the host being accessed.
It will displays things like Uptime, CPU, Memory, SCSI, IDE, PCI, Ethernet, Floppy, and Video Information.

Why I need the phpSysinfo?, Like the description above. I need to know everything about the server with one click and the important is I could check them with the browser. So, now the phpSysinfo is the best choice.

Download phpSysInfo - here

Extract the package and copy it to the web server directory
# tar -zxvf phpSysInfo-3.0-RC8.tar.gz
# cp -r phpsysinfo /srv/www/htdocs/phpsysinfo
Rename the to config.php (inside phpsysinfo directory)
# mv config.php
Now go to browser and access the "index.php" from within phpSysInfo directory and you should see something like ...


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