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How to query Yahoo search engine and get results from Perl script

First, like all non-standard Perl modules, you will need to install Yahoo::Search perl module from CPAN, go to cpan> console and install Yahoo::Search perl module

      cpan> install Yahoo::Search

Here is the simple perl script that use the Yahoo::Search perl module to query the yahoo search engine and get the results and display it on the console...

use Yahoo::Search;

my @results = Yahoo::Search->Results(
Doc => "linuxpoison",
AppId => "YahooDemo",
Start => 0,
Count => 5);

for my $result (@results) {
printf "Result: #%d\n", $result->I + 1,
printf "Url:%s\n", $result->Url;
printf "%s\n", $result->ClickUrl;
printf "Summary: %s\n", $result->Summary;
printf "Title: %s\n", $result->Title;
print "\n";
The Start and Count options let you pull the results in pages. Count tells Yahoo how many results to return at once, and Start determines the starting record, Doc is the search query

AppId => "YahooDemo" is the generic demo ID through which you can query the Yahoo search engine.

Save the file with name "yahoo_search.perl" make it executable (chmod 755 yahoo_search.perl) and execute it using command perl yahoo_search.perl to see something like ...

There are still lot of thing that you can do with this script like integrating with your application, adding exception handling, formatting the output and many more but this is a good starting point.

read more about Yahoo:Search perl module


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