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Photo Collage Maker - Shape Collage

Now making photo collage in linux is made easy. This program is called shape collage and being developed in Java, offers the advantage of being multi-platform. You can download it for the linux, windows and mac os.

The shape collage is very simple and well made and with an interface very intuitive.

The process of creating the final image is very simple: you choose the photos individually (or an entire folder), you set various parameters (shape, spacing, size, colors, etc.) and you save the final image.

    * Create picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks
    * Photos are automatically and intelligently placed using a very fast patent pending method
    * Use photos on your computer or from the web to make collages
    * Make collages in any imaginable shape or form
    * Rectangle, heart, circle, letters, or even draw your own shape!
    * Adjust the collage size, size of the photos, number of photos, and spacing between photos
    * Change the background, the colour of the border, and more
    * Save as JPEG, PNG, or Photoshop PSD
    * Cross-platform and free for personal use with no ads, viruses, spyware, stds, trial periods, or watermarks


Richard said...

Thanks for the tip !!!

Have installed and it looks like a great little app !

Shame it doens't come in a .deb so the masses can use it !

hughva said...

Thanks for the tip.
It's a good thing it comes in a Windows installer so the masses can use it!:)

Anonymous said...

Really good tool

Muks said...

@Hugh: It's a shame to see Windows fan browsing linux blog :P

Anonymous said...


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