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openSUSE Network Installation/Upgrade Without CD/DVD

Installing or upgrading the opensuse is fairly easy using CD, or net boot CD but many times it happen the we need to install or upgrade the OS using these media, to solve this problem we got a script called setupgrubfornfsinstall 

setupgrubfornfsinstall is a dialog based shell script to prepare remote network installations. The script downloads kernel and initrd of the distribution and creates a boot loader entry for them.

browse installation sources offered via SLP in your LAN
browse nfs exports (special config file needed then)
support for nfs, ftp and http
install openSUSE from
install Fedora from
supports both grub and lilo (the latter mostly untested nowadays though)
qemu/kvm support, just run setupgrubfornfsinstall with option —qemu.
supports ssh/vnc installation parameters (SUSE only)

1) Preparing network installation source. use http installation source by mount openSUSE ISO image into apache root folder directory (/srv/www/htdocs/11.1) so, in this case URL becomes -

2) Download the script, rename it to , make it executable
# chmod +x 

3) execute the script
# ./ and follow the instruction

4) Choose either x86 or x86_64 architecture.

5) Choose installation source

6) Specify the URL for you Apache where we have set-up the installation folder

7) Select the proper resolution for installation

And after few more wizard, reboot your computer and choose network installation from GRUB menu and it will start the installation from the specified URL.


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