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How to restrict features of the KDE desktop for users on OpenSuse 11.x

KIOSK Admin Tool is a KDE administration tool that offers system administrators an easy way to predefine desktop configurations for groups of users, lock down settings or otherwise restrict features of the KDE desktop environment.

KIOSK Admin Tool takes advantage of KDE's KIOSK restrictions framework. It is centered around profiles. A profile is a collection of default settings and restrictions that can be applied to either individual users or groups of users.

Typical usage of KIOSK Admin Tool is to create a new profile, then to set up the profile with the desired default settings and restrictions, and finally to activate the profile by assigning the profile to one or more users or to a group of users.

1) Open the terminal and fire command : # kiosktool to open the main KIOSK admin window

2)  Now you can create a new profile, after creation click on "Set up profile" to do the actual restriction on the desktop

Here you can lock down components in a dozen categories: General, Desktop Icons, Desktop Background, Screen Saver, KDE Menu, Theming, Panel, Network Proxy, Konqueror, Menu Actions, Desktop Sharing, and File Associations.

The General component provides useful options like disabling all tasks and applications that require root access, as well as access to the command shell, run command, bookmarks, and logout option, and disabling starting a second X session.

Desktop Icons lets you lock down the whole desktop for the user, including context menus and icons. Desktop Background locks the desktop background settings. With Screen Saver, sysadmins can lock down screensaver settings and screensavers that uses OpenGL, and also allow only screensavers that hide the whole screen content.

In the KDE Menu component you can disable all tasks and applications that require root access from the KDE menu, and disable editing the KDE menu. The Theming component forces users to stick with the desktop theme you provide; you can lock down options like font, color, style, and windows decoration.

finally save the setting..

3) After sucessfull configuration, assign the profle to a user or to a group



Anonymous said...

Thats great, bulding a public Kiosk station at schools are now so easy.

Greets from KDE4 Blog

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