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How to Enable-Disable Novell AppArmor on OpenSuse 11.1

Novell AppArmor is configured to run by default on any fresh installation of openSUSE. There are two ways of toggling the status of AppArmor:

Using YaST System Services (Runlevel)
Disable or enable AppArmor by removing or adding its boot script to the sequence of scripts executed on system boot. Status changes are applied at the next system boot.

   1.Start YaST.
   2.Select System+System Services (Runlevel).
   3.Select Expert Mode.
   4.Select boot.apparmor and click Set/Reset+Disable the service.
   5.Exit the YaST Runlevel tool with Finish.

AppArmor will not be initialized on the next system boot and stays inactive until you explicitly reenable it

To toggle AppArmor's status by using AppArmor Control Panel

   1.Start YaST.
   2.Select Novell AppArmor+AppArmor Control Panel.
   3.Select Enable AppArmor. To disable AppArmor, uncheck this option.
   4.Exit the AppArmor Control Panel with Done.


Beta said...

I finally managed to disable Novell AppArmor on opensuse, thank your help...

Anonymous said...

CLI versions:

to prevent loading at boot time:

insserv -r boot.apparmor

to disable it when running:

rcapparmor stop

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