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Network Monitoring and Management Tool

AutoScan-Network is a network discovering and managing application. No configuration is required to scan your network. The main goal is to print the list of connected equipments in your network.

•Multithreaded Scan
•Automatic network discovery
•Low surcharge on the network
•Simultaneous subnetworks scans without human intervention
•Realtime detection of any connected equipment
•Supervision of any equipment (router, server, firewall...)
•Supervision of any network service (smtp, http, pop, ...)
•Automatic detection of known operatic system (brand and version), you can also add any unknown equipment to the database
•Complete network tree can be saved in a XML file.
•Intruders detection (in intruders detection mode, all new equipments blacklisted)
•Telnet Client
•Nessus Client
•Wake on lan functionality
•Privileged account is not required

To install AutoScan-Network, go on this link and download the latest version for your operating system.

Once you've downloaded the package, decompress the 'tar.gz' file and double-click on the binary file "AutoScan-Network-Linux-1.1x.bin" The installation starts...

(If you get troubles during the installation, start a shell with root access privileges and re-execute the binary file) This is the simplest way to install AutoScan-Network but some features are not included (like file sharing support) after successful  installation you should find the entry of the application in your KDE start menu, start the application and you should see something like ..

To un-install  AutoScan-Network start a shell with root access privileges, and type '/opt/AutoScan/uninstall'

AutoScan Network is free software. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. This means you are free to use it and to modify it.


Unknown said...

What is the general price range for network monitoring software? I want to get a really good program but I don't want it overly expensive.

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