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HowTo Resize a Partition

Before resizing a partition, boot into rescue mode. Read this for booting into rescue mode.

Start parted, where /dev/sda is the device on which to resize the partition:

parted /dev/sda

View the current partition table to determine the minor number of the partition to resize as well as the start and end points for the partition:


To resize the partition, use the resize command followed by the minor number for the partition, the starting place in megabytes, and the end place in megabytes. For example:

resize 3 1024 2048

After resizing the partition, use the print command to confirm that the partition has been resized correctly, is the correct partition type, and is the correct file system type.

After rebooting the system into normal mode, use the command df to make sure the partition was mounted and is recognized with the new size.


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