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Installing ATI drivers on Ubuntu

Download ATI driver from their website. Next login as root in ubuntu. Then double click the downloaded file. You will get different options here choose to run the file. The next screen asks you if you want install the drivers or if you want to generate a package. Choose to install the drivers. Then after the installation one will have to manually change the drivers to fglrx. To do this open up a terminal and type
sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
Go through this wizard and at the part where you have to select the drivers(vesa will be the default one) press the up arrow button and go up to select the fglrx drivers.
Continue the wizard and restart XServer by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace.
For Teams - First GNOME& Xfce users go to and KDE users to
Now in
Gutsy users can browse through metacity themes and download. Then under System->Preferences
select appearance and then select install theme.
Fiesty users need to download GTK 2.x themes.
For Gnomer’s
Go to synaptic and search for gcursor. Install it. Restart X. Go to Download your favourite cursor theme. Open gcursor and select install theme and voila instant pimpin.


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