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So ... you think you know Linux? Take a Quiz on History of Linux

So ... you think you know Linux, the operating system that is as much a product of evolution as invention? Prove it by taking this short History of Linux quiz. Your results are scored so you know just how much open source credibility you have. And in the unlikely event you make a mistake, they even tell you the right answer.

Quiz here.

I Scored 80 points out of 100 :), what's your score?


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how much Windows users know about the history of their OS and company.

In the Linux world, there are tons of articles describing the kernel, the filesystem, installing apps via root, Linus, etc... Much of this is unnecessary in order to run Linux (or GNU/Linux or whatever...).

As an experiment, I've asked Windows users similar basic questions and the fail rate is astounding... and I'm being kind.

Bottom line... Linux adoption can be better achieved without the focus on technical trivia or occasional flamewars between distro users. Just saying...

Interesting link, will take the test now:-)

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