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Convert HTML pages to WML (WAP) or i-mode pages for Mobile - Html2Wml

Html2Wml converts HTML pages to WML decks, suitable for being viewed on a Wap device. The program can be launched from a shell to statically convert a set of pages, or as a CGI to convert a particular (potentially dynamic) HTML resource.

Although the result is not guarantied to be valid WML, it should be the case for most pages. Good HTML pages will most probably produce valid WML decks. To check and correct your pages, you can use W3C's software: the *HTML Validator*, available online at and *HTML Tidy*, written by Dave Raggett.

Html2Wml provides the following features:
 * translation of the links
 * limitation of the cards size by splitting the result into several cards
 * inclusion of files (similar to the SSI)
 * compilation of the result (using the WML Tools, see the section on "LINKS")
 * a debug mode to check the result using validation functions

 Html2Wml Installation:
Open the terminal and type following command to install Html2Wml:
sudo apt-get install html2wm
Using Html2Wml
Html2Wml is a command line utility, go to terminal and type following command to convert externally hosted web-page to WML
html2wml -o linuxpoison.wml

you can test this generated WML page using browser supporting WML
Different WAP browsers are available to view the results of html2wml, e.g. the wmlbrowser add-on for Firefox, wapua, Mobilizer or QWmlBrowser.


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