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Free and Open Source Web Browser based Security Framework - Mantra

Mantra is a collection of free and open source tools integrated into a web browser, which can become handy for students, penetration testers, web application developers, security professionals etc. It is portable, ready-to-run, compact and follows the true spirit of free and open source software.

Mantra is a security framework which can be very helpful in performing all the five phases of attacks including reconnaissance, scanning and enumeration, gaining access, escalation of privileges, maintaining access, and covering tracks. Apart from that Mantra also contains a set of tools targeted for web developers and code debuggers which makes it handy for both offensive security and defensive security related tasks.

Mantra is lite, flexible, portable and user friendly with a nice graphical user interface. You can carry it in memory cards, flash drives, CD/DVDs, etc. It can be run natively on Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. It can also be installed on to your system within minutes.

Security Tools included in Mantra:
Information Gathering
 * Whois
 * Location Info
 * Enumeration and Fingerprint
 * Data Mining

 * Cert Viewer Plus
 * Firebug
 * JSView

Network Utilities
 * Protocols and applications
 * Sniffers
 * Password

 * Tweaks and Hacks
 * Malware scanner
 * Automation
 * Others

Application Auditing
 * Hackbar
 * JavaScript Deobfuscator
 * RESTClient
 * Tamper Data
 * Live HTTP Headers
 * RefControl
 * User Agent Switcher
 * Web Developer
 * DOM Inspector
 * Inspect This
 * Formfox
 * Exploit Me
 * Cookies

 * FoxyProxy Standard 2.22.6
 * HttpFox

Mantra Installation:
Mantra Security Toolkit can be downloaded (for both Windows and Linux) from It comes as a self extracting archive and needs almost zero setup, untar the archive, move into the mantra directory and execute the file - ./Mantra Security Toolkit - Gandiva this will open up the mantra web browser.

The graphical user interface provided by Mantra security toolkit is straight forward and easy to use.

The navigation bar is placed on top of the toolkit and it integrates the search bar into it. Search engines can be switched easily by using keywords or by clicking on their respective icons. As of now it supports searching on XSSed, SecurityFocus, OSVDB, PacketStorm, Pcapr, Extploit-DB, Scroogle, RFC, OVAL etc apart from normal search engines. It also supports auto-complete and real-time search suggestions.


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